Why Do You think Red Is Such a popular Lipstick Color?

wearing Illamasqua Lip Colouring Eye Pencil in scarlet red Feisty, Maneater Lipstick and Touch intense Lipgloss

I don’t know if there’s a scientific reason behind it — like if it has anything to do with red being the color of blood and romance and hearts and hot-blooded passion — but it is one of those classic colors that defies trends. It seems like red lips are always in fashion.


Like when I see pictures of fashionistas and famous screen sirens from the last century, the ladies in red lips always look like they’re wearing makeup I’d want to wear in this era.

And then I think there’s also the romantic notion of there being a different perfect red lipstick out there for every woman (and makeup-loving dude).

I’ve been wearing red lips since I was a teenager, and I remember regularly prowling the local Thrifty looking for every new red tube because I wanted — no, I NEEDED! — to find my perfect red, too.

Red lips are one of makeup’s common denominators. I mean, if I had a 13-year-old daughter, I’d probably tell her to wait a few years before wearing that intense matte red lipstick, but I think I’d be ok with her wearing a sheer red lippie on special occasions. and if I’m lucky enough to still be around in my sassy 70s, you better believe I’ll still be rockin’ red lips.

From two Christmases ago — my granny touching up her red lipgloss!


I do like to think that there’s a perfect red lippie out there somewhere for each and every one of us. The real fun is finding it.

What about you, friend? Why do you think red is such a popular lipstick color?

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