FOTD: Warm, Shimmery Bronze-Brown Eyes With Coral Cheeks and Lips

Is it gold? Is it brown? Цвет хаки? Taupe?! HMMMM! I think it’s pretty cool how this eye makeup can look so completely different depending on the details — the color of my clothes, the color temp of the light. Gotta love those secretly complex makeup things.

Officially, I’m wearing a warm and shimmery bronzed brown on my lids (MAC Monaco-co, from the summer collection) with a cool-toned matte taupe in the crease (MAC Omega), a satiny beige on the brow bone (MAC Brule), and a satiny brownish black on the outer corner and lower lash line (MAC Brun).


Unofficially, however, this eye makeup will ad lib with whatever color top you’re wearing. Doesn’t it seem much more golden in the picture with the light gray top and much more green in the one with the khaki? So, it’s multifunction that way.

Same eye look, different top! See how it seems much more golden beige? This is the All The Cats tee from my shop, by the way!
I bet you could riff on other colors, too, with a matching liner, like a khaki or a warm dark brown. Or how about bronze? Ooh! — I bet Powersurge would be beautiful with this combo.

Also, my brows appear thicker than typical in this look because I feel like full, lush brows frame the eyes nicely when there’s a lot of shimmer on my lids. Alternatively, you could do a subtle brow with a clear brow gel, but you won’t get the same contrast of the big, bold matte brows butting up against the shimmery lids.


Кошки и макияж Толстовка ??

$ 42.

Магазин сейчас


It’s all about contrasting finishes, babe! You know I’m all about that life.

Макияж изношен в этом взгляде

MAC Monaco-co Foiled Eyeshadow

MAC Brule, Omega and Brun Eyeshadows

MAC Bronzelite Fix+

MAC Coffee Eye Pencil

Laura Mercier Caviar Mascara

Covergirl easy breezy Brow in Medium

Городское распад лопасть в темных драпировках

Maybelline fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation in 312 Golden

Make Up For ever Ultra HD Concealer Y41

MAC Gingerly Blush

MAC A La Plage and set to Sizzle Lipsticks

Ваш дружелюбный дом очарования соседства,


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