Do You prefer Eyeshadows in Palettes or as single Pans?

I lean toward palettes — ideally, palettes where all of the colors are related in some way that make sense to me, like, all of the colors are warm-toned neutrals, or classic MAC shades that I wear all the время. Something thematic like that.

And I’m not a big fan of those Godzilla-sized palettes with quadrillions of eyeshadows, because as much as I like the idea of big blockbuster palettes, anything beyond 20 shades is stimulus overload for me.


А ты? Do you prefer eyeshadows in palettes or as single pans?

Запрос ума хочет знать.

Ваши дружественные соседские красоты наркомана,



Слияние I can’t even tell you how happy I am to see the sun this morning! yesterday my condo was like a 17-century schooner struck by a squall off the coast of new England. Rumbling thunder that you can feel in the floorboards, hail and rain that reaches out to strike the windows — I wasn’t sure we were gonna make it!

Right now we’re either in the eye of the storm, because it’s sunny but eerily still and quiet out there…or the storm has passed.

Either way, I’m taking it as a sign to get out of the house today. I’m thinking Sephora and Ulta runs are in order.

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