ТАК ХОРОШО! The Tom Ford 2017 summer Soleil cream and Powder Eye colors in young Adonis and sun Worship

Tom Ford cream and Powder Eye color in sun Worship (left) and young Adonis (right), $62 each
Will life go on if you pass on these outrageously expensive stackable Tom Ford potted shadow duos (OMG! They’re $62!)?

Of course it will. You’ll survive… To paraphrase Celine Dion, life will go on. Your heart will continue to beat, your lungs will continue to function, but on a makeup level? Honestly, I don’t know. I can’t say for sure.


You’ll live, but chances are good that your eye makeup won’t be as sassy or sparkly as it would be if had one of Tom’s new cream and Powder Eye colors in your life.

Girl, I’m freaking out over these! ?

Tom did something similar back in 2015. They combine a cream shadow and a glitter into a stackable duo, to which I have to say, YES.


Кошки и макияж Толстовка ??

$ 42.

Магазин сейчас

There are four of them in the 2017 summer Soleil Collection, and here are pics of two of the four in young Adonis and sun Worship. I’ve seen the other two, which are called naked Bronze and golden Peach, in previous TF summer collections. I have an older version of them, and I love ’em, but I haven’t seen the new ones in person yet.

Wearing young Adonis on my lids

Like Tom’s past cream and Powder Eye Colors, sun Worship and young Adonis come in a stackable, screw-top jar. Your cream shadow is in the bottom, and then you flip open the top, and that’s where you see the glitter eyeshadow, which I want to call a lot more of a glitter top coat because it isn’t highly ‎pigmented.

FYI, nobody does eye glitter like Tom Ford does. The flecks are so microscopically minuscule that they look nearly gloss on your lids.

ФУ! Я люблю это. It kills me every single time I see those signature glossy, glittery Tom Ford lids.

As I get older, I’m becoming a lot more of a makeup minimalist, and I love these cream/glitter duos for basic yet sassy, sparkly looks.

Simply sassy

I’ll use a finger to apply one of the cream shadows on my lids, going just barely into the crease. then I’ll smudge out the edges and, using that same finger, swirl it in the pan of the glittery top coat a few times (don’t use a brush because it won’t pick up anything). then I’ll pat the glitter directly on top of the cream shadow for a glossy eye look that looks fancier than it really is.

Sometimes, if I’m really feelin’ it, I’ll also sweep some bronzer or MAC Soba into my crease to give my hooded eye sitch a lot more depth.

Then I’ll curl my lashes, throw on some waterproof mascara and tightline.

Swatches of sun Worship (top) and young Adonis (bottom)
FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m a Tom Ford cream shadow junkie ?

Tom Ford cream shadows are…OH! They’re my favorite thing about these duos.

Yeah, the glitter topcoats are terrific too, but the creams? SO pigmented, SO easy to blend, SO reputable (they don’t scoot around on my dry lids), and they don’ feel or look heavy.

I’ve heard that some folks have issues with them creasing, but that hasn’t been an issue for me. When I have them on, they stay put all day long and steer clear of my fine lines.

Окончательный вердикт


I FREAKING love THESE THINGS, even though they’re obnoxiously expensive.

Ваш дружелюбный апелляционный призыв соседства,


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